parkbytext Rates


For rates, please refer to



For rates, please refer to


Have an Account?

Pay for your parking using your parkbytext account balance. Pay by:

  • Texting "PARK [location code] [duration]" to 207-464-4445
Duration can be hour (H), 2 hours (2H), 3 hours (3H) or *day (D)
*Day rate is only available at weekends


Benefits of being an account holder

  • Extend your stay from anywhere
  • Text reminder option available
  • Print parking transaction receipts
  • Swap cover between cars
  • Parking discounts in many of our locations nationwide



Do not have an account?

Pay for your parking using your credit or debit card. Pay by:

  • Visit to pre-book online
  • Text "PARK [location code] [license plate #] to 207-464-4445
e.g. PARK 3014 123ABC
and follow text instructions
  • Call 207-464-4445 and follow instructions


3 Ways to get an account

  1. Through the app at or at your mobile app store.
  2. Online at
  3. By calling the their help-desk at 207-464-4445

The Boot Vs. The Tow

The Boot

Your car is where you left it

You can access your belongings. 

You know your car is safe.  

You know you are safe.

You can easily and conveniently pay your fee on the spot.    

You can settle the matter without taking a step and be back in your car and on your way.

The Tow

Your car has disappeared.

You only have what you’re carrying.

Your car may have been damaged while being towed.

You have to wait in the dark for a ride, then be left at a tow lot alone.

You may spend the time and money to get all the way there, and the tow lot is closed.

You have to fill out paperwork and pay higher fines just to get your own car back.