Unified has been terrific in working through many challenges… They’ve been excellent to work with and very accommodating to our needs.
— Mike McDonald, 1& 2 Portland Square Lots
Not only are they professional operators, of both valet and all of our parking services, but we’ve never had as many compliments on what goes on on the outside of our restaurant as we have since we hired Unified.
— Steve DiMillo, DiMillo’s On the Water
Unified was able to give us a solution that would please the city as well as accommodate our fans in the manner in which we wanted… We’re very fortunate to have a partner like Unified.
— Alex Gray, Waterfront Concerts
If you can find a way that the increased profit benefits everybody, that’s a great model… and that’s their value proposition. They help us create it, and they participate in what they’ve created. And along the way they have an incredible service that we get to pass back on to our patrons and guests. It’s a perfect model.
— Chris Thompson, Thompson’s Point
They’re providing a professional service to the city of Portland that is a great resource to the city of Portland, the businesses of Portland and the people of Portland… It’s going to allow Portland to become a vibrant city again.
— Fred Forsely, Shipyard & Federal Jack’s